Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mall Date

Not too long ago mom decided twenty-four hours before a gala that she needed to wear something other than sweatpants.  So I was all, "I have a great idea!  Let's go to the Mall of the 'Merica and go shopping and play!"

Our first stop was the dress store.  It was amazing.  They had toys and a TV and legos and other kids to play with.  I had a great time playing while mom picked a dress.  I should take her shopping more often!

After we got our work done I took mom to the rides.  The best part - I found my friend Susie there waiting for me!

We went on the bitty carousel together and it was mega fun and just my speed.

Next Susie wanted to try the big carousel.  I'm not really into ginormous rides that speed in circles and bounce peeps unpredictably, so I was all, "I'll just watch your baby for you while you ride, Susie."

I waved to Susie while she was riding.  I think she had a great time.

Afterward we spent a lot of time working on bus-driving skills.  We had the best time together, chattering, singing, bus-driving and laughing.

We're not positive but we might be bus drivers when we grow up.

I love the Mall of the 'Merica.  

But I don't always love the photoshoots that seem to happen at the end of my playdates.  We tried to be a little cooperative at first.

But that didn't last too long...

...and then we couldn't resist...

...we became turkeys.

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