Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Eleven

Day Eleven and boy was I anxious to get to school!  It's a long wait over the weekend.

It was rainy this morning so I was all, "Mom, let's take pictures in my playroom!"

Sissy-dog wanted to be in a picture too, and since today is her birthday, I didn't mind sharing the spotlight.

Turns out, after school the rain stopped and we got to take a few outside pictures too!  I was all, "Mom, I'm going to make a bed for bunny and then lay down for the picture," and mom was all, "Your posing skills are starting to complicate our impromptu shoots."  She's such a buzz kill.

Thankfully I'm the artistic director of our photoshoots, so if I want to lay down, I can.

You didn't think I'd forget my signature cheese-face, did you?

Sissy-dog wanted a few more birthday pictures and I was happy to accommodate her request.

She is my very best friend and best girl and I love her so much, even if she measures her love for me in how much food I drop during a given meal.

Happy 6th Birthday, Sissy-dog!

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