Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 It's finally Halloween!

Surprise!  I'm a Crabby-Peep!  And Hanky-guy dressed up as a princess, complete with crown, skirt and necklace.  

I had a totally awesome Halloween.

I started the day with costume pictures.  Sissy-dog was pretty unimpressed.  

I guess she wasn't too into being a Jack-o-Labbie.

Mom and Beef Stu dressed up too.

In the morning I went to a pumpkin party with Grandma K. and worked on some Halloween crafts.  It was so much fun, though I sported my pensive face for most of it.  

And then after resting time a monkey and a bunny stopped by to see me!

We were pretty happy to pose for some pictures...

...but coordinating smiles was not part of the deal.

We probably wouldn't have sat so nicely...

...but the promise of candy kept us pretty well behaved.  What can I say, we're easily swayed.

Once my friends left I headed to Papa and Grandma's house to trick or treat.  Zoe-dog tried steal my candy.  I was all, "Zoe! Dogs don't eat candy!"  Zoe mentioned something about eating all of the Halloween candy one year and being just fine.

And then I got to work!  Papa and Grandma let me pick three pieces of candy.  Excellent.  I went to a few more houses on their block and showed off my crabby-cuteness.  

After a quick dinner break I headed back out with dad to visit my neighbors.  I got a billion candies.  I told dad I got him his favorite and he was all, "What candy are you going to have?" and I was all, "I'm not going to have any," and he was all, "Why not?" and I was all, "Because they're not for me."  Based on mom's response I'm thinking they're hiding something from me...

When I got home I checked out my loot.  I wasn't too into most of it.  But I did get the world's biggest chocolate chippie!!!  I licked it.

And then I ate some grapes, strawberries and a yoguck, did a puzzle and went to bed.  A perfect Halloween I think.  
Happy Halloween, Peeps!

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