Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Party

Today was my birthday party!  It was probably my best day ever!

There were treat bags for my little friends...

... and Juj cookies for my bigger friends!

Of course, there was a cake!  Actually, there were two, but this was my favorite because it's a picture of me and Big Hank!

When the party started I played with friends for a while.

And then it was time for presents!  My Auntie Maddie got me a Hank puppet!

My friend Stacy got me some diva glasses.  They're for when we lunch together at the Country Club.

Since today was my friend Bella's real birthday, she said that she would test out all my toys, make sure they're fun, and make sure they taste okay.  She's a great friend.  I was only a little nervous that she'd try to sneak them into her diaper bag.

Opening presents was super fun!  I love everything I got!

After presents it was time for cake.  Everyone sang to me and I tried to play with fire.  Apparently you're not allowed to play with fire, even if it's your birthday party.  Lame.

My cake looked pretty...

... but I didn't really like the taste.  You know what I did like?  Ice cream.  Amazing.

When I was done eating mom's ice cream I had some time to talk accessories with Stacy.

I had the best first birthday party!

When it was time for the party to end I kindly showed my guests to the door and then took a two hour nap.  What a great day!

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  1. I'll admit, I'm beginning to feel like a stalker. Happy Birthday, Juj!!