Monday, April 18, 2011

Hank Ears

I got a package in the mail today!
One of my boyfriends (I have eleventy) sent me presents from California!

When mom gave me the package I was a little suspicious.

With a little help, I got the box open and found a card!  It had the cutest Hank on it!  Sister Lab asked what the card said so I read it to her.

My boyfriend loves giraffes just like me!  I'm pretty sure a few of Hank's cousins live with him.  He also loves Mickey Mouse. 

I got a book about Hank!  I love books and I love Hank!

I also got a special bib so I can be festive for the upcoming holidays. 
No, it's not a Matzoh bib.

Mom said that even though I ate bread and leavened goods for dinner, the Easter Bunny will still come and see me because he doesn't care what kind of foods I eat.

I love all my presents but what makes me really happy is that my boyfriend is going to come and visit me in September.  Because my mom is making him.

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