Saturday, April 30, 2011


Peeps!  I got a car for my birthday!  I didn't even have to take a test or get a license.  Mom says I'm already a better driver than the old man that hit her parked car last week.

My car is awesome and it gets great mileage.  Mostly I like to cruise the neighborhood in it.

Sister Lab was all, "Can you take me for a ride and let me hang my snout out the window?"
And I was all, "Sorry Lab, this is a one-seater."

But I let her sit next to me on the driveway - best I could do.

My car has this great trunk for storing toys and Hanky-guy and stuff I find along the way.

I think I've perfected my coy "Heyyyyy" for when cute boy babies drive up next to me.

Sometimes Sister Lab and I like to watch for squeaky squirrels.  Now that I have a car I can be all, "Hey Lab, there's one, let's get him!"  And then I just drive over super speedy!

Driving is so much better than riding in a stroller.

Of course, Hank likes to come for rides too.  I can fit him no problem.

See you later Peeps, I've got places to go!

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