Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Review

By now you know the drill.  This weekend I was too busy playing outside in the warm winter weather to post pictures.  It's been just beautiful here for January!  But I hate to disappoint my four fans, so here's a quick pictorial of my day.

I chattered.  Basically continuously throughout the whole day.  Mom judges me because she says it's not English.  She underestimates the value of a multi-lingual Peep.

I did block skills.  Blocks are funny.

I read my book.  I'm probably advanced for my age.  That's why I can read upside down.

I worked on my multi-tasking skills.  I'm really good at chewing on Hank while waving to squirrels.

I let my mom donate my bodily functions to science.  Yep, if you look closely you'll see my diaper has a code on it.  I'm in a diaper study.  Mom was all, "Hey Juj, you can be in a diaper study and get free diapers for two weeks AND $105!"  And I was all, "So it's not enough to post pictures of my every move, now you're letting people study my pee?"

I pondered life's great mysteries.

And I practiced my tub crawling.  I'll be totally ready for the splash pad if summer ever comes!  It was a super fun weekend but I'm ready for Monday - I get to play with friends!

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