Friday, April 22, 2011


Okay Peeps, this whole birthday thing gets more and more awesome!  I keep getting packages in the mail!  Yesterday I got a box that came all the way from New York!

My friend Nora lives in New York and she picked some books for me!  First I read the notes she wrote me.  My favorite part was where she said she'd be here in September to play with me!

Then I read the books she sent.  I was super excited to get books all about New York.  Unfortunately, I was even more excited that mom said the "m" word (milk) right after I started reading so my enthusiasm is not properly conveyed in the pictures.

Today another package came!  I always like to study the packages carefully.

Mom helped me open it up.  I found some netting!

Even better, there was a family of Hanks inside - three babies and a mama!  Mom said they were for bath but dad said I could play with them anywhere I wanted.

Of course, I tasted them, did you even have to ask?  They tasted like imported Chinese plastic with a hint of lead paint.  Delicious.

I love my new guys.  Maybe I'll read them my new books!

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  1. you are one lucky birthday girl! I hope you enjoy all your gifts! I bet you could make tons of bath water go on the floor by splashing momma hank down in the tub real hard!