Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's almost my birthday, Peeps!
I know all about birthdays from Chica.  I sing the birthday song with her every morning.

Birthdays mean presents!  (I know about presents, too.  My older toddler friends tell me everything!)  Mom was all, "Juj, you have lots of toys, you don't need presents.  Let's make sure we tell people no presents."  And I was all, "Holy crap, my mom has lost her mind!"

The good news is my Auntie Deb from work didn't hear my mom's gift-ban-nonsense and gave me some early presents!  She got me a book about night and stars and moons.

I love it!

She also gave me a book about animals that has fluff and fuzz and things to pat!

I love my new books.  They're in the running for the new book club reading selection.

But best of all, Auntie Deb got me my own phone!  I think it's a BlackBerry.  It's got some pretty sweet apps.  It has a music app. and a counting app.  I'll be honest, the graphics aren't quite as great as mom's phone, but it's still pretty awesome.  I call Chica all the time.  Thanks Auntie Deb!

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