Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today I took a field trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa P.  I had so much fun playing with them and exploring their house.  It probably would have been a perfect day except that I had a little situation in the car that may have involved forty-five minutes of screaming and mom trying to give me milk in the parking lot of a bar on the side of the highway. 

But that part is largely irrelevent. 

When I got to Grandma and Grandpa P.'s I had lunch at the table like a big girl.

I got to sit in an antique highchair!  I bet it was older than mom even though dad says she's an old lady.

After lunch it was time to get festive.  I happily wore my ears and bib even though the Easter Bunny forgot to come to my house.  That's right - no basket, no chocolates, no eggs, nothing.

If I didn't have a house full of presents I might have been bitter.

Dad liked to dress up as bunnies with me.

Sister Lab, on the other hand, was not so impressed.  Maybe if the Easter Bunny hadn't forgotten her too she would have been more happy to wear the ears.

Happy Easter, Peeps!

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  1. Parker would have had that plate on the floor in 2 seconds.