Monday, April 4, 2011


What can I say, it's been another big day.  I got primped by mom, practiced skills and screamed through my second nap.

Mom decided my fur needed styling.  I appreciate her efforts but I think it's going to be a year or eleventy before I have enough fluff to not look ridiculous.

Later I was all, "Mom, I think it's time.  I'm not a baby anymore.  I'm ready to scamper."
And mom was all, "Okay Juj, let's see it!"

First I did a lot of standing, just to be sure my leggies were up for the challenge.  They were!  They love standing and they mega love dancing!

And then I took off running!  Okay, maybe not running.  Maybe it was just a couple steps, but it's a start!  I can take one step no problem and by the end of the day I even did two a few times!  I get a little camera shy though, so my very best stomping skills weren't captured.  Maybe tomorrow.

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