Saturday, April 9, 2011


Since I'm not a baby anymore, mom and dad got me a big girl seat for the car.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to convince them to actually put it in the car, and having it sit in the living room doesn't do me much good.

I finally got to test out the seat yesterday.  It's pretty big and cozy.  I think I'll like it.

But for now mom says I have to stay in my baby seat because it's easier for her and I still fit.  Hmph.  My baby seat makes people think I'm totally a baby.  Lame.

Instead of dwelling on my carseat crisis, I went to the park.  A big park!  It was really sunny and so warm out mom didn't make me wear eleventy jackets!

I got to do some sliding skills.

The slide was super fun because it was a double!  My friend Bella brought her mom to the park too - we got to slide together! 

And then it was time for swings.  I love swings!

After swings Bella and I did some climbing skills.  It was pretty fun to climb all over the playground.  Well, fun until I had a little face-planting accident and mom and I got stuck in a tube when she rescued me.  But don't worry, I felt much better once Bella shared her rocks with me.  Unfortunately, our moms didn't think eating rocks was a good idea.  Sometimes moms are lame.