Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sometimes people tell me I'm perfect. 
Okay, mostly it's just Hanky that says this.  But sometimes my fans say it too.

Mom is always quick to say that "perfect" is not a good word for babies.  Some kind of nonsense about setting up unreasonable and unattainable expectations.

Mom is really a fun-squisher sometimes.

I mean, come on...

...I have a flawless scowl...

...and the most toothless grin you've ever seen.

But she says it's important for me to hear other things, like about how I'm smart and funny and inquisitive and thoughtful and kind.

Perfect seems simpler, but what do I know?  I'm just a toddler-peep.

So each day I try to show mom and dad all the ways I'm kind and thoughtful and inquisitive.

It's not always easy...

...but I'm a very determined girl.

Today I practiced being kind and loving by giving Sister Lab a gentle pat.

I practiced being inquisitive by studying Sister Lab's bone.

And I practiced being thoughtful by only taking a little taste.

Now if I could just convince mom to stop putting the ridiculous piglets in my hair, things really would be perfect.

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