Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Attitude Problem

Well, today was not my best day, Peeps.  I'll be honest.  I was just a tiny bit whiny All. Day. Long.

The day started off well.  This morning I visited my friends Cooper and Ella.  The have billions of toys and are excellent sharers.  They're even nice and friendly when I ruthlessly steal their toys.

We decided to take a walk and Ella let me try her bike.  It was awesome!  Mom was all, "This is the only time you get to ride a bike without a helmet."  And I was all, "Relax mom, there are eleventy straps on me, there's no way I will fall."

I wasn't exactly the best or most gracious guest, but I had a really fun time with Ella and Coop anyway.

Maybe next time they invite me over I'll try to do more sharing and less food-and-toy stealing.  After all, in no time they're going to be walking and then it's two against one.

In the afternoon I invited my friend Stella over to play.  Unfortunately, I had a little trouble sharing (I didn't share at all) and was a tiny bit whiny (pretty much whined the entire time).  Stella was a good sport about my bad attitude, and we did manage to have some fun together, but mom was all, "I'm unimpressed with your attitude, Juj."  Hmph.

This pretty much explains dinner.

And this pretty much explains bath.
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.  I don't really want mom to sell me to the circus and I'm pretty sure she left them a message tonight.


  1. love the pictures!! and love the circus comment. You've got a super sense of humor.

  2. The circus ain't too bad, Juj. We'll be nice to you, if you get sent to us.