Sunday, September 11, 2011


I really love having friends come over to play.  So the other day I was all, "Bella, do you want to come and check out my toys?  I'll try and remember my sharing skills."  And Bella was all, "Of course!  I love tasting new toys!"

Just to show how awesome my sharing skills are (when I want them to be), I helped Bella chew on my toys.

To show her thanks, Bella let me try her shoes.  They were awesome and pink and only three sizes too big.  I could walk in them just fine until I fell on my face.  But before that they were perfect.  Maybe when I'm seven they will fit me.

After we played for a while I wanted to show Bella my favorite Elmo video.

Elmo and his ducks are sooooo funny.  I'm not sure Bella thought they were quite as amusing, but maybe if she watched it eleventy thousand times she'd appreciate Elmo's awesomeness.

After Elmo mom started in with her picture taking shenanigans.  Bella was pretty cooperative but I know better.

Plus, necklace skills are more fun than posing skills.

Finally I was all, "Umm, if we pose quickly, we can get back to playing, what do you think?"

So, we smiled (sort of) and looked cute (mega) and gave our moms one picture.

We were so proud of ourselves we decided to hug it out.


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