Sunday, September 18, 2011


My dad is pretty much my favorite guy ever.  I love him even more than Hanky-guy, and Hank is a pretty awesome guy.  Dad and I have a billion things in common.  We both love dogs, chocolate chippies, and watching cartoons.

Dad really likes football and so do I!  Dad likes the Gophers the best (except for real life gophers, those he runs over with mom's car, lame) so I like the Gophers best, too!

I like to wear my Gopher's gear to help cheer for them.  Dad is all, "Maybe someday you'll be a Gopher too!" and I'm all, "Maybe, but I think I want to be doctor or a mathematician instead."

I like being a Gopher fan.  These days it's easier than being a Twins fan or a Vikings fan.

I especially love being a Gopher fan with dad!

Dad is even going to take me to a game someday!  I can't wait!  I will get to show my touchdown skills, eating skills and cheering skills!

Dad and I are the cutest Gopher fans ever!

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