Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This is what I looked like yesterday on my first day of school.

Yep, I was the cutest toddler-peep in class, but I thought that might happen.

School was super fun!  There were tons of toys and friends and books!  I liked the toy vacuum the best.  I only had one "situation."  Another peep clawed my face.  I was unimpressed but then I showed him - I got up and walked away and he didn't even know how to walk!

There's another Julia in my class.  Hmph.  But that's not as bad as mom has it - there are three moms with her name!

My favorite part of class was snack time.  We got to sit at a table with peep-sized chairs and eat.  My classmates all seemed to be in a hurry to get back to the toys.  Not me - I was at the table still eating long after everyone else had finished.

I really like school.  I even think I will still like it next week when mom isn't with me.  But just in case I'm a little lonely, my teacher was all, "You can bring Hank and bink to class, Juj!" and I was all, "You're the best teacher ever!"

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  1. Hey, be nice to us non-walkers. We can't help it.