Saturday, September 24, 2011


Mom brought me to see my very first movie today!  I got to see The Lion King!

Mom was all, "Juj, do you want to see regular or 3D?" and I was all, "I don't think they have 3D glasses that would fit Hanky-guy, so we better just see regular."  The movie was awesome!  I sat on mom's lap the whole time and danced and watched and never even remembered to eat my snacks!

Movies are so fun!  I can't believe I've never seen any others!  I probably want to see the Muppet movie that is coming out soon.  And the monkey movie next April.  And any other movie with songs and animals.

I spent a lot of the rest of the day playing outside.

I love toddling up the street looking for ducks and squirrels.

The ducks live across the street so it's not a long walk to visit them.

Sometimes I like to hang out in the driveway...

... watching for airplanes, birds, dogs...

... and airing out my tongue.

Later I decided to cruise the streets by vehicle.

I really love driving, waving to sprinklers, and yelling "hi" to anyone I spot.  Except construction workers.  They are a scary breed.

This is what I look like when mom is all, "Hey Juj, do you want to say hi to the friendly construction workers?"

But don't worry Peeps, as soon as strange men are out of my line of sight, I'm back to being a happy, carefree toddler-peep.

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