Saturday, September 10, 2011


When I wake up in the morning, I like to have some milk, read books and listen to pee-tah (music, don't ask) in my bed, and relax.  Afterward I help dad take Sister Lab outside while mom gets my breakfast ready.

When I'm done with breakfast I usually need to check on Hank and bink and see if they're doing okay, and then it's time for work.

I have to check all my emails and see which of my peeps sent me messages while I was sleeping.

I also like to watch my favorite Elmo video - it's an awesome musical about ducks.  Can you believe I can watch videos on a phone!? 

I finish up my work by sending as many texts as I can before mom takes the phone away, claiming it's her phone.  Lame.  This was a pretty good morning - I got three texts sent to my friend Heather while mom was taking my picture (a.k.a. not properly supervising my phone skills).

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