Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm pretty much a toddler-peep fashion icon.  Other peeplets totally look up to me to decide what kind of style is cool.  They love my retro (hand-me-down) clothes!  So it's important that I properly accessorize my signature looks.

For so long I've been all, "Mom, I need some necklaces.  No outfit is complete without accessories."  And mom's been all, "Juj, you're just a toddler-peep, you're too young for jewelry."  Lame.

Once she saw my act of desperation (Peeps, I was wearing a jump drive necklace, embarrassing!), she finally gave in and took me shopping!

We had to do a little searching before we found the very best and fanciest necklaces for me.  I even got to pick!  I chose the fancy hearts and the colored beads.  I like a little variety to go with all my different outfits.

Though truthfully I like to wear them all at once.  It's the extra fanciest way to accessorize!

I probably need some earrings and bracelets too...

... but I figured this was a good start.  I'll hit mom up for some more stuff the next time she's feeling bad about subjecting me to shots or abandoning me so she can work.

For now my necklaces are enough and they are awesome.  I even think they help me find airplanes better!

I really love my new necklaces.  I'm probably going to wear them everyday!

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