Monday, September 5, 2011


My friend Nancy called me and was all, "Juj, I have an extra peep-chair, do you want it?"  And I was all, "O.M.G. Nancy!  Of course I want it!  I looooove chairs!"

There are eleventy billion ways to sit in my new chair but this might be my favorite.

My chair is also an awesome way to practice my climbing skills.  This may have been two seconds before I tipped over and fell on my face.  But it didn't even hurt.  I'm a tough toddler-peep.

I know how to sit regular too.  That's easy.

Sometimes after I've been doing some chair climbing for a while I like to just sit back and relax with Hanky-guy.

Oh and this is the best way to sit in the chair for viewing educational programs on the television.  Because that's the only kind of television I watch.

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