Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last weekend my friend Nora ("Norna") was in town to visit me so I was all, "Hey Norna, do you want me to show you a super awesome place that's so fun you won't even notice that you're probably being exposed to the flu, malaria and head lice?"  And Nora was all, "I ride the New York subway all the time already, Juj."

Since there's no subway in my town, we went to the next best thing - Edinborough Park!

Mom had never let me play there before.  She was always all, "Sorry Juj, there's not enough hand sanitizer in the world."  Lame.  Luckily she decided to make an exception if I promised to scrub my hands after.  And I did a great job - she only  had to ask me once not to lick the slide.  (And maybe one request about not tasting a window...)

Nora and I loved sliding together!  We didn't even need help climbing up!

We probably went down the slide eleventy billion times.  It was extra fun because there weren't very many other toddler-peeps to get in our way.

We also loved practicing our sealife-riding skills.

I might want to get my own whale, that's how much fun I had riding a whale. 

See?  Best time ever.

There were so many fun things to climb and I'm pretty much an expert climber after all my practice at home. 

Can you believe mom tried to keep me away from this place? 

After we finished our climbing skills, Nora and I decided to workout in the gym.  I totally love scooters so that's where I started. 

There were some pretty cool rocket scooters.  They would have been more fun if we could ride them and not pose for pictures, but what else is new?

I really loved gym time.

I also tried this other thing.  Mom was all, "I think you're sitting backwards," and I was all, "I know that, I'm just expressing my creative side.  Don't stifle me."

After we played and played and played it was time for a snack.  Nora was a little sad because she wasn't allowed to share my crackers.  She had a little window-sill-tasting situation at the beginning of her trip and had to get her lip fixed up.

But don't worry, we got to share pouches together. 
We had a great time playing together.  I can't wait until she comes to visit again!

And I can't wait until mom caves and takes me back to the indoor park!

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