Wednesday, September 7, 2011

State Fair

I've been a little slow to tell you about it but last weekend I got to go to the fair! 

I did a lot of peep-watching and brow-furrowing from the get-go.  There was so much to see and it was my first time at the fair looking around.

It wasn't my first fair visit, though, it was my third!  I went as a tiny little fetus-peep two years ago and I went last year when I was a peeplet.  Last year it was pretty freezing so I had to be mega bundled and snorgled, which made it hard to do any looking.

To start our fair adventure mom thought that since I love fish so much I might want a fish hat.  Lame.

Luckily the fish hat shenanigans were short lived and pretty quickly we got to the dogs.  Dad carried me around so I could see all the pups.

Next we went to the butterfly house and mom insisted we go in.  Sometimes she makes good choices.  Grandpa K. carried me around and we pointed at billions of butterflies.

Grandpa caught a butterfly for me to see.  I was a little concerned that it was going to be vicious.

And then another butterfly attacked me!  I loved looking at them and pointing at them but having butterflies attack me was a little concerning.  I tried to squash him but mom was all, "Juj, you're not allowed to squash the wildlife."

Around the time a butterfly tried a sneak attack from behind I was ready to go.

Pointing at butterflies was a lot of work so I needed to refuel afterward.  Grandpa and dad offered some of their food but I decided to stick with puffs and fruit.  I'm not sure why they like french fries so much.  Strawberries are billions more delicious.

 After snacks I was all, "Hmmm, what should we see next?  How about animals!"

I liked the cows the best, although this cow wasn't too sure about me.  He was all, "Mooooooooo."  And I was all, "No, I will not share my snacks with you!"

And then it was time for baby animals!  I got to see piglets, cows, chicks, bunnies, lambies, ducklings, and turkeys!  Dad carried me because there were so many peeps it was hard to see from my stroller.

I really liked the little ducklings!  Mom was all, "How about you just look and don't touch this year, Juj?"  And I was all, "Mom, that's lame."  But I gave in and didn't touch any of the animals.  Next year when I have better hand washing skills and fewer finger chewing skills I'm totally going to pet all of them.

The baby chicks were bitty and cute.  And right next to them I saw turkeys!  Turns out, they didn't look anything like me even though mom says I'm a turkey all the time.

After I visited all my animal friends (and scrubbed my hands even though I didn't touch any - lame) I had a little visit from Hank and bink.  They're the best.

It's hard work to ride in a stroller and be carried around so I decided to take a little rest.  But I waited until the end so I wouldn't miss anything, unlike last year...

... when I pretty much slept the whole time!
Even though I didn't feel compelled to smile in any of the pictures, I still had a great time at the fair.  And next year dad says he's taking me on a big slide!  I can't wait!

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