Friday, September 30, 2011


I got to celebrate my new tooth at the zoo today!

The zoo is extra fun on cool days in the early morning.  There aren't too many other toddler-peeps so it's easy to run around, wave at the animals, and lick the glass of the animal enclosures when mom isn't looking.

My friend Bella came to the zoo!  We're getting pretty great at posing together, when we feel like it.

My friend Ansel was at the zoo, too!  We were all so excited to see each other we decided to cooperate for some pictures, but then our moms were all, "Smile!" and we were all, "Umm, like this?"  I don't think this is what they meant.  Just a hunch.

And I'll be honest, not all of our group shots were a win...

And, well, I wasn't going to say anything but today I had my first kiss.  I'm a little embarrassed that mom saw.

As it turns out, today I also had my second kiss.

I'll be honest, Peeps, my friends were pretty sweet but what I really wanted was to eat.  I only had to ask eleventy billion times before mom made some food appear.

I was very happy to have some snacks while hanging out with my friend tiger-guy.

Later we got to do something really awesome - we got to visit the goats!  I've never met a goat but I pretty much loved them!  Mom was all, "I don't think you should touch them, Juj" and I was all, "Mom, I just licked the glass by the flamingos, a little goat isn't going to hurt me."

This one goat really loved me.

I almost wanted to take him home.  I bet Sister Lab would like a Brother Goat.

And goaty-guy liked when I fed him treats.  I am pretty much an expert treat feeder.  I practice with Sister Lab a lot.

Ansel liked feeding the goats too.  And he only tasted their food once or seven times.

I would have been happy to feed the goats all day.

But once I ran out of food, goaty-guy tried to eat my fingers, so it seemed like a good time to move on.  Mom made me wash my hands eleventy times after my goat encounter.  Lame.

On our way back inside Bella and I did some running skills.  We're pretty excellent runners.  I bet we could totally win Sunday's maraton if we tried.

All the running and animal visiting and goat feeding was exhausting.  I was pretty relieved to see Hank and bink at the end of the zoo adventure.

I had the greatest day at the zoo today.  I hope I can go back with my friends again mega soon!

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