Sunday, October 9, 2011

Best Peeps

Last week Bella was all, "Hey Juj, can I hang out with you for a couple days?  My nanny has to go to some parties for her peeplet-to-be," and I was all, "Yes!  We'll have the best time ever!"

We spent a lot of time playing outside.

We practiced our leaf-sharing skills...

... and our leaf-tossing skills...

... and finally, our leaf-scampering skills.

When we needed a break from the fresh air and warm sun, I worked on my sliding skills.

And Bella made a few very important phone calls to the office.

Later we headed back outside and I screamed for some 'copters to fly over me.  It didn't work.  I guess 'copters don't respond to intimidation tactics.

So Bella and I took my baby for a walk instead.

When we got hungry, mom brought us to the grocery store.  We got to ride in the car together and we were medium good at not fighting over the steering wheel. 

Of course, we had to stop for muh-muhs (muffins) on the blue bench.

The day before (I know, my days are reversed in this post), Bella and I had a mega busy day together.  We started off at Target to buy snacks.  The big cart was awesome.  We would have stayed in there for hours.

Next we went to library storytime.  Afterward we got to stay in the library and work on our puzzle skills.

Since it was a beautiful day, we had snack time outside at the library.  Crackers and pouches are an excellent snack.

We decided going home after so much fun would be lame, so we went to the mall to play!  We got to ride in a stroller made just for us.

Finally, when we had played as much as two toddler-peeps can play in one morning, we went out for lunch.  We ate billions of grilled cheese sandwiches.  Everyone in the restaurant thought we were the cutest (obvious).  I had the best time with Bella!

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