Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I really love snacks! 
Mom used to be all, "Sorry Juj, you're not going to be a kid that gets eleventy billion snacks, you can just eat your meals," but I was all, "Mom!  I'm going to starve without snacks!  STARVE!" 

We made a deal.  I get to eat snacks as long as I also eat my regular food.  All this eating has not been a problem for me.

My favorite kind of snack time is in my chair watching Super Why.  Mom used to be all, "You have to sit in your high chair if you want to eat, no exceptions!" but I was all, "Mom, I'll be sooooo careful I won't even spill any snacks and if I do I promise I'll clean them up (call for Sister Lab) and I promise I'll still sit in my chair for my meals."

I have to be careful though.  It turns out Sissy loves snacks so much that she sometimes tries to make me spill just so she care have a taste. 

But don't worry Peeps, I know that a lot of TV isn't good for a toddler-peep...

... so I spend lots of time running around outside...

... and a little time sitting outside too.