Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last Friday I got to go to a parade!  (I know, I know, I'm eleventy billion days behind on my blogging.)  Anyway, I really love parades.

It took a while for the festivities to start but I kept a careful watch so I wouldn't miss anything.  Plus, I love walking in the street.

When the parade finally started the police man was all, "No peeps or toddler-peeps in the street!" and I was all, "Hey kids, he said no peeps in the street!"  And then I tried to run into the street eleventy times.

It was fun to watch all the floats and the band and try and catch candy.  I was a little embarrassed since mom didn't tell me I was suppose to wear green and white.  I felt a little lame.  Next year I'll be totally prepared.

I clapped for everyone, especially the band.  I loved the music! 

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  1. Does this child look like Gloria, or am I imagining things?