Friday, October 7, 2011

Park Picnic

Last weekend (seriously, I know, I'm trying to catch up!) I got to go to a park picnic party with a bunch of my friends.  They are pretty much my oldest friends - I've known them since we all did yoga together inside our mama's bellies.

The park had so many fun things but slides are probably my favorite.

There was a fun bouncy thing that Bella and I decided to try together.  We love playing together.

We're pretty much best friends.

Edward is one of my best friends, too.  So we decided to try and ride a bouncy thing together.  It was pretty fun until he decided to gently push me off.

Later Bella and I practiced our slide skills together.  When we slide together it looks like Bella's legs are just a little longer than mine.  It's probably an optical illusion. 

And then it was time for the dreaded group picture.  It was one thing when we were all peeplets and couldn't get away.  Now, we're all mobile toddler-peeps so things got ridiculous quickly.  I think all my friends made it into this picture.  Sort of.

However, that was short lived.  My friends Stella and Oliver were the first to run and the fastest.

A few of us cooperated briefly.  I mean, we weren't going to smile or anything.  Sitting still was the best we could do.

After pictures it was time for food!  Mom was all, "Juj, we're going to go home and have dinner," and I was all, "Mom, don't be lame."  And then I went and gathered food from every plate I could find.

I had to sign "more" eleventy billion times.  It was the only way to be sure the food kept coming.

When it was time to go, Bella gave me a little smooch because we're best friends.

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