Monday, October 10, 2011


A few days ago (see, I'm almost caught up!) my friend Kinley invited me over to try all of her toys.  She had a birthday party a month ago so her house is filled with new toys.  It's amazing!

I got to try her ipad.  It's super fun.  There are tons of games made just for toddler-peeps.  Afterward I was all, "Mom, I neeeeeed an ipad.  Plus, you could use it too," but mom was all, "Sorry Juj, that doesn't seem like a practical purchase, how about diapers instead?"  Lame.

When I finished my ipad skills I decided to check out the rest of Kinley's toys.  I made a few calls but her cell phone didn't have great reception.

And then I found Elmo!  ELMO!  He's pretty much my best muppet friend.  Kinley is so lucky to have her own Elmo-guy.

Yep, you guessed it, our moms made us pose together.

(We've come a long way since our first days posing together...)

Turns out, sometimes posed shots are a fail.  Nothing we could do about it.

(Just checking to see if I could get better reception like this.

Later when we were tired from playing we snorgled together and watched a completely educational program.

Playing with Kinley is mega fun, especially when she shares her awesome chair and Elmo.

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