Friday, October 21, 2011


Today mom was all, "Juj, it's such a beautiful day!  Let's have a Halloween photo shoot in case the real Halloween is freezing!"  And I was all, "Will there be candy?!"  Dry, plain Cheerios do not count as candy.  Lame.

I kept telling mom I was a duck (I thought quacking made it obvious) but she still insisted on making lame chicken-peep road-crossing jokes.

I wasn't trying to get to any sides.  I was trying to visit some other ducks and look for 'copters.

No 'copters today.  Lame.

While still keeping an eye and a beak out for 'copters, I practiced my ducky waddle instead.

I'm pretty sure ducks like to relax on cement steps when they're not swimming and waddling.

I'm not positive, but I have reason to believe I'm the cutest ducky-peep ever.

Just for fun, I tried out my bee-peep costume too (with matching bee bink of course).

Bees love plastic bags, you know.  It's probably their second favorite thing besides honey.

Even though I make a pretty great bee-peep, my buzzing skills are not as refined as my quacking skills, so I think I'm going to stick with my ducky costume for Halloween.  Plus it's super toasty cozy in case it's eleventy thousand below zero when I'm out trick-or-treating.

Before we went inside, mom was all, "Let's get another picture like last year!"  and Sissy and I were all, "That sounds mega lame!"  You might think we cooperated but don't worry, I had the last laugh.  I'm totally holding mom's phone watching Elmo on Youtube in this picture.  Peep-bribing win.


  1. Hey Juj! Guess what?? I'm going to be a ducky for Halloween too! Isn't that the greatest! My mommy thinks our costumes are almost the same too...maybe we should wear them together? I guess we can include Coopy too, even though he's not going to be a ducky. Happy Halloween!