Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chatter Skills

Lately mom has been all, "Juj, I think you should do another post documenting some of your chattering skills.  You know, so we can remember when you're not a toddler-peep anymore."  Fine.  So, I'm a busy chatterer these days.  I have around forty signs and probably around one hundred words.  I don't have too many phrases yet but I'm working on it!

I've been chattering billions lately.  I can say pretty much anything but some things are tricky, like Ls.  Mom is always all, "Juj, say lalalalala," and I'm all, "Yayayaya."  Lucky for me, mom and dad speak toddler-peep almost fluently so we get by okay.

When we're outside I like to look for keekees (squeaky squirrels), coppas (helicopters, my all-time favorite), airdays (airplane), pups, quacks (ducks), bugs, kids and buhs (bus - any vehicle that's not a car).

When we're out taking care of boring errands, I usually ask mom if I can hold the ceet (receipt) but lately she's been all, "Sorry Juj, ceets are made of BPA.  Poison."  Lame.  I like to play with the calca (calculator) at the bank and any other place where I spot one.  And whenever we're on the go I tell mom to buckle satee (buckle up for safety).

Sometimes if we're out and I see a stranger I'm not so sure about things.  Then I tell mom shy and she knows that when I'm feeling shy I need a hug.  We're a good team.  When I'm taking it easy at home I like to watch TV.  My favorites are baby (Baby Signing Time), Elmo (Sesame Street), why (Super Why), go go go (Cat in the Hat) and cah (Caillou).  But don't worry, I don't get to watch all of those in one day!

There are a lot of people that I talk about.  Mom, dad, Sissy (Sister Lab), Bedda (Bella), Papa, and Mahnah (Maddie).  I can say other names, like Heidi (swim teacher), Benna (teacher Brenda) and more, but I need reminders about those.  My best trick though?  When mom is all, "Juj?"  and I'm all, "Juj!"

Sometimes my chatters aren't just for fun, they're survival.  I'm pretty sure if I didn't ask for food eleventy times an hour, mom would forget to feed me.  I'm forced to tell her I need to eee (eat) a lot.  I love nacks (snacks - usually dried strawberries and bananas), crahcahs (crackers), beees (berries), macah (mac and cheese), cookies (yep, got that word down), mahnahs (in the context of eating, pancakes) and olmo (oatmeal). 

I'm still working on my signing skills too.  Some things, like milk, more, please and thank you I just stick with the signs.  Other things are too important and I need the (sometimes made up) sign with the word, like hay (Hank) I say while touching my head and beee (bink) I say while pointing to my mouth.  I made up a sign for grandma (knock fist on head) and have adapted a few others.  Mom is all, "As long as we know what you mean, you can take creative liberties with the signs."

Well, I think that about covers my chattering!
(Words I say are underlined.)

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