Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I had a really fun field trip with my friend Bella.  We went to the Arboretum.  It's a great place to see trees and flowers and fountains.  (But not 'copters.  Lame.)


It was a beautiful fall day so I didn't even have to wear a jacket and hat and eleventy billion layers.

Bella was so excited to see me she gave me a kiss.  And then it was time to explore!

I liked checking out all the crunchy leaves.

But the fountains were definitely my favorite part!

We got to run around and around the fountains.  I love the "go go go" chasing game.  Mom is always all, "Juj learned 'go go go' from studying her mega educational signing videos," but dad is always all, "Juj learned 'go go go' from 'The Cat in the Hat' on PBS."  I'm pretty sure Dad is right.

Yep, we had a break for snacks too!

We love snacks.  And snacks taste the best on benches.  That's why I'm trying to teach Bella that every time she sees a bench she should ask for a snack.

After snacks it was time for more fountains!  The best part - mom let me splash and get all wet!

I was so excited to find the fountain I had to call Bella over to try it out too!

First we studied the fountains like very serious, pensive toddler-peeps.

But then I was all, "Umm Bella, did one of us poop our pants?"  I won't even tell who it was.  That would be embarrassing.

Fountains are awesome.  And I have some pretty great fountain splashing skills.

I wonder if mom wants to get me a fountain.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll ask dad.

We were pretty tired toddler-peeps when we finished exploring.  But that's when things got ridiculous.  We should have known.

Mom can't seem to resist an embarrassing photo op, especially when props are involved.

What's worse than props?  Full costumes.

Bella and I are hoping for a two-for-one deal when we go in for therapy someday.

And yet, I'm such a tolerant little toddler-peep.

I have to be.  Before I know it my friends Santa and Hanukkah Harry will be in town.  I hear pleasant and compliant toddler-peeps get the best toys.

I'm thinking this has earned me car.  And a pony.

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