Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs.  I'm a pretty lucky toddler-peep because my friends Lizie and Linnea and Emma share with me.

But sometimes my Auntie Stacy is all, "Juj!  I found some super stylish clothes you just have to have!"  And I'm all, "Hmmm, will they make me look like a sophisticated toddler-peep?"

The good news is that Auntie Stacy does not disappoint!  The latest package she sent had some pretty awesome things, including this sparkly bat shirt!  (She got me my skinny jeans too!)

It's festive for Halloween, you know.  Plus, she was all, "I'd totally wear a sparkly bat shirt, Juj."  That's how I know it's cool.

And just you wait for the jacket she bought me!

Hand-me-downs are awesome but when Auntie Stacy goes shopping, I'm one lucky toddler-peep!

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