Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coney Island

I mega love food, but you Peeps know that already.  I've been pretty lucky lately because mom and dad have been giving me delicious new foods to eat, like scrambled eggs, toast, and lots of different pastas. 

My favorite time of day is breakfast time.  And lunch.  And dinner.  I really love dinner.  And my boobie-flavored boobie snacks before naps.  I love those too!

Tonight I got to eat some of my favorites, toast and broccoli!  I love broccoli so much!  I ate some asparagus and cheese too.

After I finished my finger foods I got to have my purees!  Mom says I can eat purees as long as I want and I think they are so yummy.  I like to have a giant bowl full!

Usually when I eat I like to pretend I'm on Coney Island in an eating contest and I shovel my food in as fast as I can.  It pays to have expansive cheeks.

Here I am doing a little eating competition warm-up.

And just for fun, I like to make a scrunchy sniffing nose when I eat now.  It helps me sniff all the delicious baby foods on my tray!

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