Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend I got to visit my good friend, Addie.  Me and my mom helped her mom and dad pick out their new house and we wanted to be sure we picked a good one. 
We did.  We rule.

When I got there Addie was so relieved to see me.  She was all, "Juj, I have to tell you something - I have no idea how to be a professional baby model like you."
I almost cried when I heard this news.

I was all, "Addie, you're the cutest, get a grip.  I will teach you how to be a baby model."

I told her the first step is to make sure you get mega chubby.  I made her check out my cheeks to be sure she knows what to aspire to.  Thankfully she is well on her way there, she has great cheeks.

Next I told her about wardrobe.  It's important to always wear cute clothes.  I let her check out my awesome monster suit for inspiration.

Then I told her she needs a trademark look and I showed her mine - the tongue.  She said she's pretty skilled at blowing bubbles so I told her to go with it.

And most important?  Posing.  I showed her my best baby model pose.  She might have clapped.  I'm pretty confident she's now well on her way, she just needs to start a blog.  I'll have to give her some blogging tips next time I see her.

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  1. Love it. Looking forward to the next visit :)