Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Straw Cup

Yesterday I was all, "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore, I need a big girl cup."

And mom was all, "Here you go!"
I should remember to ask for stuff more often!

My straw cup is pretty cool but I'm so busy playing games and practicing skills and reading books sometimes I forget how to make it work, and then I maturely express this frustration through a little dance I like to call "Complete Meltdown - The Straw Cup Story."

Since it seemed like a day to try new things, mom said I could have a veggie burger.  I stuffed my face.

It was delicious!  But to be fair, I haven't found a food yet that I don't like.  Everything is so yummy!


  1. Juj-Does "Complete Meltdown-The Straw Cup Story" look similar to "Yesterday I had to have Shots-A Tantrum by Coop and Ella"? Because if it does, we should compare notes.

  2. does Mom need a straw cup of wine...b/c I'm there to help you find what if you do! :)