Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hey Peeps!  It's been a pretty busy weekend.  I wanted to blog eleventy times but mom's been working on the computer all weekend.  I was all, "Mom, my Peeps need to see all my skills and cute clothes and skills."  And mom was all, "Juj do you like baby foods?  If you don't let me work we won't be able to buy any more baby foods.  Not even yogurt melts."
So I let her work.

But I thought I better share my super stylish skinny jeans. 

 I love them because they are very cozy and stretchy and they fit my curves nicely.

I'm able to do all my skills in them, which is very important.

Mom thought my skinny jeans were so cute she asked if she could take eleventy thousand pictures of me posing in them.  I was all, "HA!  Why would I stand when I can flop on the ground?!"

Skinny jeans are pretty great for flopping too.

I'm probably the best and most agreeable baby model in this whole house.

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