Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Peeps, I am sad.  I mean, really, really sad.
Sister Lab and I dropped to third place.  Yesterday we could taste the gold.  Today, I'm sucking on a bronze binky.

Sister Lab was so upset she only trotted over to my high chair to beg for puffs this morning.  Usually she sprints.

And maybe the silly baby and his chicken are kind of cute.  But we are soooo much more first place material.  I mean, who likes chickens anyway?  Not me.  I've never ever tasted one.  And don't get me started on the second place baby and her dog.  Sister Lab is billions cuter.

Mom says I need to be a good sport and not trash talk the other babies even if they are inferior in terms of their looks and posing skills.

Plus, there's still time to send the chicken to the farm.  Voting doesn't end until Sunday!  So I'll try and cheer up if you'll try and get every person you've ever met to vote for me and Lab.  Click here!!  Thanks Peeps!


  1. I like fried chicken. Just sayin'.

  2. Best of the Blogs Award

    Smiles are lovely
    but the truly wonderful creative expressive
    expressions take the prize.

    Unbeatable. now, VOTE harder!