Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Okay Peeps, something suspicious is going on - let me explain.
So today mom was all, "Hey Juj, do you want to go play with your friends Coop and Ella?"
And I was all, "Yes!  They have the BEST toys ever!  Umm, and they're pretty fun too..."

I told mom I better dress up for Coop and Ella - I've seen their blog.  They're always dressed in designer baby duds.  Mom dressed me up but then looked like a slob herself. Not good for our image, mom.

When I got to their house I was pretty lucky - they needed to take a quick rest so I got some time to taste every one of their toys.  They didn't have any boobie-flavored ones but my likes are pretty diverse these days so it wasn't a problem.

And then the babies were ready to play!  They worked on their jumping skills while I spent some time practicing my walking-between-toys skills.

And that's when I noticed something.  Coopy and Ella, they're babies and they live in the same house and they're the same age and they even have matching clothes.

So I was talking to Ella and I was all, "Is Coopy your big brother?"  And Ella was all, "Nope, we're twins!"  Whoa.

A little bit later Cooper was telling me about some basketball highlights when he stopped, looked confused and asked, "So Juj, where's your twin?"  Good question, Coop.

I had a really great time playing with Eloise and Cooper, tasting their toys, and showing them my skills, but they sure left me puzzled about this whole situation. 

On our way home, mom was all, "The babies are coming over today!"  And I was all, "Wait a minute, they are twins too aren't they?!"

Sure enough, they are twins.  Two babies.

So.  My friends Eliza and Joey are twins.  My friends Coop and Ella are twins.  The babies are twins.  Where is my twin?!?
Naturally I asked mom.  I'm not really allowed to say what mom said or I'd probably have to have my mouth washed out with soap.  And last I checked, that's not boobie-flavored.

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