Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nora's Day

Today is a very special day!  My best New Yorker friend, Nora, is one! 
I was all, "Mom, we better go to New York for her party, they're having cake!"  And mom was all, "Sorry Juj, jet-setting is not in the budget."  Lame.

Nora wasn't too upset that we couldn't attend her party.  In fact, she sent me this awesome giraffe mask and asked me to take a picture in it.  She's going to make a book of all her friends all over the country in masks for her birthday!  She's super creative.

I put on my giraffe suit so that I could be the complete package for Nora. 

I sent Nora a quick text and told her that while I was super excited for her birthday...

... I didn't love wearing the mask.

Sister Lab remembered Nora from her visit last fall and she wanted to wish Nora a happy birthday too! 

Big Hank thought we should sing to Nora, so Big Hank belted out some tunes while I accompanied on the shaker.

Happy first Birthday, friend Nora!!  We can't wait to see you in September!


  1. When Grandpa K and I were in Africa we never saw a giraffe with a bink, but we never saw one as cute as you either!! XOXO

  2. Um.. if i'm ever anywhere near your baby, i'm going to slobber her with kisses.

    just sayin'.