Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi Peeps!  It's me, Juj!

Normally I would leave political campaigning out of my blog.  It's just not the right forum for that kind of thing.  But.  I have to make an exception and ask for you guys to please vote for me!  I've heard rumblings that I have a few lurking readers way out there (yep, I mean you Gwil, all the way in England!) and I need your help!

If you click here:  CLICK  you can vote for me and Sister Lab!  You don't have to sign up for anything, you just click and type some silly words and you're done.  YAY!!  Voting ends March 28th and you can vote once a day, so I might remind you guys a couple more times. 
Thanks Peeps!!
(Oh and you might notice my picture shows up twice if you click to see the next picture.  Just ignore that one.  They probably thought I was so beautiful that they entered me twice but the second one isn't connected to my email so I wouldn't really win.  Just vote for my link!)

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  1. England has voted, J! We're cheering for you :)