Friday, May 13, 2011


I really really love babies. 

I have my own baby that I like to play with.  She's pretty fun.  She doesn't even fuss when I pat her eyeballs or chew her face.

But as much as I love my doll, I think real babies are better.  They chatter and smile and play toys and do all sorts of fun things.  They have binks that I can steal and they're too little to stop me!

So I've been telling mom that I think she should get me my own baby.  I'm pretty sure dad would get me one.  He's putty in my chubby hands.

I've been practicing being a great big sister.  I take Hanky for walks in the stroller.

And I'm so sweet when babies come over.  I hug them when they come in and I share my toys with them and I try not to poke their eyeballs very much.

See, I totally need a baby! 
Unfortunately, mom says I'm more likely to get a pet giraffe. 

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  1. oh HEAVENS! That is sooo flipping adorable!! Imagine, H was just about 2 months older than Juj is now when she became a big sis...