Monday, May 16, 2011

Worker Peep

This morning when I woke up mom was all, "Juj, do you want to go to a party this morning?"  And I was all, "Obvious!  Will there be presents??" 

I got all dressed up for the party.  It's important to always look like the cutest peep ever.

Turns out, the party wasn't for me, it was for Uncle Barry.  Yep, you guessed it, no presents for me.  Just a stupid hat that squished my chin chub when mom made me wear it.  Lame.

I was just starting to chalk the party up as a total loss when Uncle Barry was all, "Hey Juj, I have to go appraise a property, can you fill in for me at the office?"  And I was all, "Of course!  I'm an excellent mini-realtor-peep."

First I checked out all the awards Uncle Barry's team has won.  They're pretty much the best realtors ever.

After that I had to take a few calls.  I was swamped.  I took eleventy sign calls, negotiated a billion offers and gave a few lessons on turning lights off at the end of showings.  It was exhausting.

I finished up with some paperwork.  I'm pretty sure I did a great job for Uncle Barry.  He will probably want me to work full-time. 

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