Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today my friend Teaghan called me and was all, "Juj!  I haven't seen you since we were babies!  You have to come over and play toys with me!"

I was all, "I'd love to come over - I'll bring beverages!"  Mom told me water would be a better idea.  Lame.

It was so fun to see Teaghan again!  We've known each other a long time!

You might remember her from such things as being tiny...

...and being bitty. 

Now we're practically the same size. 

I think I'm totally taller but mom was all, "Umm Juj, you're wearing shoes, that's sort of cheating."  Lame.

I bet my tongue is longer!

Anyway, it was super fun to play with Teaghan and her big brother Joe.  Sometimes they played games I didn't really care for, like tackle, body slam, and tug-o-fluff.  But mostly we had a great time.

They had a ton of awesome books so I got to catch up on my summer reading.

The snowman book was super intriguing - I was so into it I didn't even notice Teaghan trying to play moose ears.

We even did some reading together.  The fishy book was amazing.

I had so much fun playing with Teaghan!  I just hope that next time I see her she knows how to scamper so she doesn't try to climb me anymore.

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