Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi Peeps!  I have some very exciting news!  I'm going to be participating in my very first Treadmill-a-Thon!  I know what you're thinking, "But Juj, you're just a baby-toddler-Peep, you can't go on a treadmill!"  Not to worry!  Leave the details to me and the pledging to you! 

I am so excited to be doing this fundraiser!  It supports HOME Line, which provides free legal, organizing, educational and advocacy services so tenants throughout Minnesota can solve their own rental housing problems. HOME Line works to improve public and private policies relating to rental housing by involving affected tenants in the process.  (Okay, I plagiarized, but who would sue a baby-toddler-Peep for such a thing??)

So call all your friends and let them know that on June 14th at 5:30 pm (central time, obvious) they can watch me and my mom and dad live on the internet for our turn on the treadmill!  And if you donate eleventy billion dollars, I might even give you an extra special shout-out.  (It would help if your name happens to be Yickum or Uh-oh, since I know how to say those really well.)

I hate to beg, but won't you please pledge me?  I want to be the top fundraiser for the whole event!  They're really counting on me, you know.  My dad is one of their all-time top volunteers!  Those are big shoes to fill and I have unreasonably small feet.

Here's a link to my page.  Thanks, Peeps!  You're the best!

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