Monday, May 2, 2011

More Presents!

My birthday was so much fun!  The mailman brought me a billion packages!  Sister Lab was pretty excited about my birthday too - the mailman brings her special treats!

I got this awesome Target gift card.  I'm probably going to buy some toys or a real Hank.

I got a puppy that knows my name and my favorite food and favorite color and sings to me!  She's pretty cool.

I got some animal magnets to decorate the fridge and kitchen floor.

I got a seahorse friend.  Sister Lab asked if she could taste it but I said no.

I also got a book about seahorses so that I could do some studying skills.

And I got some letters for the tub!  I love to work on my spelling skills.
Thanks, everyone, for my presents.  I had the best first birthday ever!

1 comment:

  1. Probably the best birthday party
    til you get to 16
    Save the ruffles for that one.
    Love Grammasita