Monday, May 23, 2011


The other day I was talking to Sister Lab and she was all, "Juj, you should totally eat sticks, they are sooo delicious."  And I was all, "Really?  Sticks?  Are they boobie-flavored?" 

I wasn't so sure but Sister Lab wouldn't steer me wrong, right?

So I found a stick that looked pretty delicious and I was all ready to taste it when Sister Lab was all, "Umm, let me just taste that one," and she ate my stick!

You'll never believe this but I found another stick and the same thing happened - Sister Lab stole my stick again!

Fool me once, I'm a baby Peep.  Fool me twice and I'll get bored and move on.  Anyway, I totally figured her out.  Sister Lab just wanted me to gather sticks for her to munch!  I was all, "Gather your own sticks..."

"...I'm out of here!"

1 comment:

  1. Dear Juj-

    We just got all kinds of new sticks put in our yard. Our daddy calls them "mulch" but I bet when he's not looking you could taste some! I bet if they're really good, Daddy would let you take a few home for Sister Lab.

    -Love Coop and Ella