Saturday, May 21, 2011


I really love having friends over.  I pretty much want friends to come over every single day but sometimes mom is all, "Sorry Juj, I have to work today."  Those days are lame.

Luckily yesterday mom let me invite two friends over.  Two!  Awesome! 

My friends Kinley and Bella came over.  We all take swimming lessons together so we're pretty much great friends.  Kinley is a little bit younger than us but she has awesome sitting and crawling skills so she's practically a toddler at eight months!

Kinley really liked working on her music skills.  We'll probably start a band.  She has awesome drumming skills.  Bella has awesome keyboard skills.  And obvious, I'll be lead singer.  I think our first hit will be "I Had a Little Turtle."

I tried to share all my toys with Kinley - I showed her my car (and she was all, "Umm Juj, I bought you this car, I know how great it is.") and my ball.

But for some reason she thought a scrap of paper was the coolest toy I had.  Weird.  Maybe it's because she's still kind of a baby.  Toddlers never get preoccupied with scraps of paper, you know.  We're mega sophisticated.

After I played paper scrap with Kinley for a while I wanted to make sure Bella didn't feel left out so I gave her a hug.  We've been friends since we were in our moms' bellies getting unnecessarily jostled during their yoga classes.

So we really love each other a lot. 
I had a great time having my friends over.  I hope they come over every day!

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