Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I've always loved playing outside.  I like to wave to squirrels and ducks and puppies and strangers.

But now that I'm an expert scamperer, playing outside is a billion times more fun.

I'm not stuck in one spot like a blob of chub.

I can toddle over to an awesome leaf and taste it if I want.  Or a rock.  Or some dirt.

Sure, I still like to sit down and contemplate the meaning of life once in a while.

I just can't spend my life sitting around!

(Pay no attention to my crusty snout.)

I might be a petite little squirt...

...but I've got strong little leggies!

I learned how to walk just in time, too.  With summer coming, I have playgrounds to climb on, neighbor friends to play with, and Sister Lab to chase.

I'm on the move, Peeps, catch me if you can!

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