Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Clothes

Remember one year ago when I was a baby peeplet about to turn three months old?

 I was pretty chubby and cute last July 20th.

This is me today on July 20th.  Can you believe I'm wearing the same outfit?  This morning mom was all, "I think you should wear this dress because you wore it one year ago today."  And I was all, "Umm, it's a 3-6 month size.  Are you nuts?"

Turns out, I guess the dress fit me okay last year AND this year.

Personally, I would rather accent my fluffy curls with clothes that aren't for babies.  But mom says if the dress fits, wear it.  Sometimes she says mega lame stuff.

I guess the real question is...

... will mom make me wear this again next July 20th?  Yep, she probably will.  I better not get married on July 20th or she might make me wear this under my wedding dress.  Double lame.

Though I have to admit, I make baby clothes look pretty cute, even if I am a grown up toddler-peep.

1 comment:

  1. I love her curls, her flushed cheeks and her not so chubby little thighs. Tell her she'd better start growing or her mom will make her wear that dress next July 20th. Ask Eisley...